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Coldchoice Foods ltd 

       Serving the Catering Industry for over 50yrs

T : 0044 161 223 9157

A : Emperor House

      Unit1 Newby Road

      Hazel Grove Stockport

      SK7 5DA

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Grated Coloured Cheddar 2kg

Grated Cheddar 100% 2kg

(Mature) Grated Cheddar 2kg

Chef Blend grated Mat 2kg

Grated Mozzarella 2kg

Grated White Mild Cheese 2kg

Sliced Cheese

Sliced Burger Cheese 112

Sliced Cheddar 1kg

Sliced Emmental 1kg

SL Mature Cheddar 1kg

Parmesan shavings 1kg

Sliced Mature Cheddar 4kg pk

Sliced Monterey Jack 1kg


Butter Portions Size 7sx100

Dorset Clotted Cream 1kg

Flora Portions 120 x 10g

UHTMeadow Churn Aerosol Cream

Salted Butter 20x250g

Unsalted Butter 20x250g

Golden Summer Marg 2kg

Just Like Butter 6x2kg

Cottage Cheese 2kg

Cottage Cheese & Chives 2kg

Full Fat Soft Cheese 2kg

Summer County Marg 2kg 

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Block Cheese

Petit Brie



Double Glouster

Edam Ball 2kg

Emmental Block 2.2kg

Fetta Block

Fetta Portions 200g

Goats Log 1kg

Authentic Grana Padano 1kg

Gruyere 2.5kg

Halloumi 200grms

Lancashire Cheese 2.5kg

Queso Mezla Semi Castellano

Mild Cheddar Full 5kg

Mild Cheddar Half 2.5kg

Mature Cheddar Half 2.5kg

Mozzarella Block 2.3kg

Mozzarella Balls

Parmasan Cheese Block 1kg

Red Leicester 2.5kg

Smoked Cheddar 1kg

Blue Stilton 1.8kg

Wensleydale & Cranberry 1kg

Lye Cross Extra Mature Cheddar

Huntsman Cheese 1kg


Fresh local Cheshire Eggs

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View our full Raw meat range

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