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Coldchoice Foods ltd 

       Serving the Catering Industry for over 50yrs

T : 0044 161 223 9157

A : Emperor House

      Unit1 Newby Road

      Hazel Grove Stockport

      SK7 5DA

Products that Satisfy

At Cold Choice Foods LTD in Hazel Grove, Stockport, we offer a large variety of frozen, cooked and fresh foods at affordable prices.

What We Offer

6BGSKG Case of 6 oz. gammon steaks 

  SLIP Slipper joint case/kg.

BCSH Shanks

  SMKBK Double smoked 8 m. back

CON Red net converter gammon

  SMKFMD Smoked flat rind-on middle

CORJ Corner joint

  SMKHS Double smoked horseshoe gammon

DCBK Danish crown 8 m. back

  SMKPMD Smoked primal rind-on middle

DCHS Danish crown horseshoe

  SMKSTK Smoked streak

FMD Flat rind-on middle

  TSLEG Triple smoked leg

OWHS Oakwell horseshoe

  TSMKHS Triple smoke horseshoe

PMD Primal rind-on middle

  VMBK Viking mild dry cure 6 m. back

RIB Bacon ribs

  VMHS Viking mild horseshoe

RLMD Rind-less primal middle

  VMSG Dry cure sliced back

RLSTK Streak rind-less full

  VMSMKBK Smoked dry cure 6 m. back

ROSTK Streak rind-on full

  VMSSMK Smoked dry cure sliced back

FNRB Natural roast topside full

HNRB Natural roast topside half

HPTOPSIDE Premium topside beef (B)

HRB Roast silver side half

HTT Traditional topside half (K)

MSTBF Salt beef

DGRY Gruyere 2.5 kg.

  DGRMZ Grated mozzarella 2 kg.

COTS Cotswold Cheese

  DLANC Lancashire 2.5 kg.

DBR Petit Brie

  DMCF Mild cheddar full 5 kg.

DCAM Camembert

  DMCH Mild cheddar half 2.5 kg.

DCPG Country parlour grated

  DMTCH Mature cheddar half 2.5 kg.

DCSH Cheshire

  DMZB Mozzarella block 2.3 kg.

DDGL Double Gloucester

  DMZF Mozzarella balls

DEDM Edam ball 2 kg.

  DPAR Parmesan cheese block 1 kg.

DFETB Feta block

  DRLE Red Leiecster 2.5 kg.

DFETP Feta portions 200 g.

  DSLCH Sliced cheddar 1 kg.

DGLG Goat’s logs 1 kg.

  DSLEMM Sliced Emmental 1 kg.

DGRC Grated coloured cheddar 2 kg.

  DSLMAT SL mature cheddar 1 kg.

DGRCH Grated cheddar 100% 2 kg.

  DST Blue Stilton 1.8 kg.

DGRCM Grated coloured mature cheddar

  DWENCR Wensleydale and Cranberry 1 kg.

DGRMC Grated mature cheddar 2 kg.

  HUNT Huntsman Cheese 1 kg.

DGRMTCP Grated mature country parlour

  SL MONT Sliced Monterey Jack 1 kg. SL MONT Sliced Monterey Jack 1 kg.

CHIXPAST Chicken cooked fillet 100% (jd)

  MFOX Fresh ox tongue

CXF Steamed chicken breast

  MHAS Haslet

CXF Steamed chicken breast

  MPRB Pressed beef

CXST Steamed chicken breast stripped

  NRPH Natural roast pork half

IQFCHF Steamed chicken breast (frozen)

  PULLP Pulled pork 1 kg.

MCBB Cooked back bacon

  RLCON Rind-less converter gammon

MCSTB Cooked Crispy Streaky Bacon 1k

  SMKCHIX Smoked chicken fillets

MFAG Faggots

  TSAD Turkey saddle (on the bone)

5SLMORT Mortadella sliced 500 g.

  ZCR Chorizo Rosario

MDAN Danish salami

  ZCV Chorizo Vela

MGS Garlic sausage

  ZCV5 Chorizo vela sliced 500 g.

MORT Mortadella

  ZMIL Milano salami

MPAST Pastrami

  ZMIL5 Sliced Milano salami 500 g.

PROSLEG Menatti Prosciutto Crudo leg

  ZNAP Napoli salami

SLPEPONI Pepperoni sliced 1 kg.

  ZNAP5 Sliced Napoli salami 500 g.

VHSARTA Hot sarta picante 200 g.

  ZPANF Pancetta full

VMSARTA Sarta mild dulce 200 g.

  ZPANH Pancetta half

Z5BRE Bresaola sliced 500 g.

  ZPEPSAL Black pepper salami

Z5SPAN Pancetta sliced 250 g.

ZPL Parma ham leg

  DSB Salted butter 40 g. x 250 g.

ZPM5 Sliced Parma ham menatti 500 g.

  DSLBC Sliced burger cheese (112)

ZPS5 Pepper salami sliced 500 g.

  DUSB Unsalted butter 40 g. x 250 g.

ZSB Serrano ham block

  GSMG Golden Summer Margarine 2 kg.

ZSH5 Sliced Serrano ham 500 g.

  PCC Cottage cheese 2 kg.

DBPO Butter portions size 7 g. x 100 g.

  PCCC Cottage cheese and chives 2 kg.

DFPO Flora portions 120 g. x 10 g.

  PFFSC Full-fat soft cheese 2 kg.

DHAL Halloumi

  SCMG Summer County Margarine 2 kg.

ABBP Bury black pudding

  GPDO Duck and orange 1 kg.

ABPCH Black pudding chubb

  GPDOM Duck and orange micro

ABST Catering black pudding stick

  GPG Garlic pate 1 kg.

ACBPCC Chilli black pudding chubb

  GSS5 Salmon spread 500 g.

ACH Cow heel

  GSSC Salmon spread 100 g.

ACHP Cow heel pieces

  LECC Eccles Cakes

AGBS Gold black pudding stick

  MASMU Assorted Muffins (20)

AHCT Honeycomb tripe

  MBBL Pork brawn block

AMT Mixed tripe

  MBP Pork brawn pots

AST Seam tripe

  MBPRL Real Lancashire black stick

AVPCH Vegetable pudding chubb

  MCO cookies assorted (20)

AWPCH White pudding chubb

  MDFMP Deep-filled mince pies

AWPS Ireland white pudding stick

  MFJ Assorted flapjacks (24)

GBD Beef drippings

  MLS Liver sausage

GBS5 Beef spread 500 g.

  MPSS Pork cracklings 40 g. x 90 g.

GBSC Beef spread 100 g.

  MPTT Plain tortilla

GBTC Beef and tomato spread 100 g.

  MRSC Ready-serve custard 1 ltr.

GGF Goose fat

  MSD Savoury duck

GPAR Ardennes pate 1 kg.

  PIB Pigs in Blankets 40 g. x 10 g.

GPARM Ardennes pate micro

  POLON Poloni stick

GPB5 Potted beef 500 g.

  SAMLAMB Samosa lamb 25 g. X 25 g.

GPBC Potted beef 100 g.

  SAMVEG Samosa Vegetable 25 g. x 25 g.

GPBR Brussels pate 1 kg.

  SPRIROLL Spring roll 25 g. x 25 g.

GPBRM Brussels pate micro

  ZHAG1 Haggis Syn 1 lb.

GPCL Chicken liver pate 1 kg.

  ZHAG2 Haggis Syn 2 lb.

GPD Pork drippings

  ZHAG3 Haggis Syn 3 lb.

LAJ Juice Burst apple juice

  LFWSK Flavoured water strawberry/kiwi

LBCJ Juice burst black currant juice

  LOCJ Juice Burst orange and carrot juice

LBCRJ Cranberry juice 12 ml. x 500 ml.

  LOJ Juice Burst orange juice

LFWAB Flavoured water apple and black currant

  LSPW Sparkling mineral water

LFWLL Flavoured water lemon and lime

  LSW Still mineral water

LFWOM Flavoured water orange and mandarin

BISTO Bisto gravy granules 1.9 kg.

  HB10 Breakfast cartons HB10 (125)

CHILLIPOW Chilli powder 1 kg.

  MWC UHT Whipping Rich and Creamy 1 ltr.

CUMINPOW Cumin 1 kg.

  MXMPD Individual Christmas puddings 36 g. x 90 g.

EPK Egg packs (100)

  PAPRIKA Paprika 1 kg.

GLAZECAJ Glaze Cajun 2.5 kg.

  PBRS Brandy sauce 12 ltr. x 1 ltr.

GLAZECHI Glaze Chinese 2.5 kg.

  SMKPAPR Smoked paprika 1 kg.

GLAZETIK Glaze Tikka 2.5 kg.

  XVOOIL Extra virgin olive oil 5 ltr.

  GOLIVE Green olives 4.25 kg.

EL15 Eggs large (15 dozen)

  EMFRPP Free-range eggs pre-pack medium

ELFRPP Free-range eggs Pre Pack Large

  EXL Eggs extra-large (20 dozen)

ELFRT Free-range eggs on trays (15 dozen)

  PBEL Boiled eggs large (144)

EM15 Eggs medium (15 dozen)

  PBES Boiled eggs small (48)

EM5 Eggs medium (5 dozen)

5RSS Sirloin steak sliced Thick 500 g.

  KINGPRAWN King Prawns (26/30)

CHB Chicken burger fillets (10)

  MABBG 90% all beef burgers (48)

CHG Chicken goujons (10)

  MBBG 90% beef burgers (48)

CHIPS Steak fries 4 kg. x 2.5 kg.

  MHB Hash browns 2.5 kg.

FZCHIXD IQF diced chicken 2.5 kg.

  MPR Prawns 2.5 kg.

HSPCHIX Hot and spicy chicken burgers

  SHRIMP Shrimp

IQFCXD Steamed chicken diced (fresh)

  SMKSAL Smoked Salmon sliced 300 g.

BBHH Boiled Harwood ham half

  HCH Crumbed ham half

BBWG Boiled Whitebert gammon ham

  HFH Roast festive ham half

BHS Boiled horseshoe ham

  HFHH Farmhouse ham half

BRHH Roast Harwood ham half

  HHRH Honey roast ham half

BRWG Roast Whitebirk gammon ham

  HLOG Cooked ham log

FBCON Boiled converter gammon full

  HRG Roast gammon ham half

FBH Boiled ham full

  HRHJDM Oven roast ham half

FFH Roast festive ham full

  HSMKH Smoked ham half

FHRH Honey roast ham full

  MSMKBH Smoked black ham

FRCON Roast converter gammon full

  MSMPL Smoked ham loin

FSMKH Double smoked ham full

  RHS Roast horseshoe ham

HAMLOLIN Ham loin cooked

  RWHH Wiltshire roast ham half

HBH Boiled ham half

BL16 IQF Blakemans Supreme Sausage (16)

  CPC8 IQF Cumberland Sausage (8)

BL32 IQF Blakemans Supreme Sausage (32)

BL4 IQF Blakemans Supreme Sausage (4)

  CUMBR6 Cumberland rings 6 oz.

BL8 IQF Blakemans Supreme Sausage (8)

  CUMBR8 SAUMT Cumberland rings 8 oz.

BLW8 IQF value sausage (8)

  SAUMT Sausage meat 500 g.

CKP8 IQF cooked pork (8)

CBDINK Dinky pork pies

  HRDS1 Hand-raised duck supreme pie (1)

CBLB Large beef pies

  HRDS2 Hand-raised duck supreme pie (2)

CBLP Large pork pies

  HRGP1 Hand-raised game pie 1 lb.

CBLPA Large pork apple

  HRGP2 Hand-raised game pie 2 lb.

CBMB Medium beef pie

  HRGP5 Hand-raised game pie 5 lb.

CBMP Medium pork pie

  HRTCR1 Hand-raised turkey and cranberry

CBMPA Medium pork and apple

  HRTH1 Hand-raised turkey and ham pie (1)

CBMTC Medium turkey and cranberry

  HRTH2 Hand-raised turkey and ham pie (2)

CBQU Quiche all flavours

  MMPP Value pork pie (12)

CBSB Small beef pies

  MRAG Rag Puddings

CBSB Small beef pies

  PPHRL Large hand-raised pork pie

CBSB Small beef pies

  PPHRM Medium hand-raised pork pie

CBSTA Small pork and apple pies

  PPHR2 Hand-raised pork pie 2 lb.

CBSTC Steak and ale pies

  PHRS Small hand-raised pork pie

CBSTGR Small turkey and cranberry

  SBL Spicy bun loaf

CBSTPT Steak and gravy pies

  VAP Ascot pork pie

GBPPP1 Steak and potato pies

  VDP Vale Dinky pork pie 6 x 6

GHCO Gourmet black pudding and pork pies

  VGP Gala pie with egg

GHSR Cheese and onion pies

  VMMP Medium Vale and Mowbray 6 x 6

GSP Large sausage rolls

  VP1 Vale pork pie family 1 lb. (6)

HRCH1 Steak puddings

  VP4 Vale pork pie (6)

HRCH2 Hand-raised chicken and ham pie

  VPE1 Vale and Mowbray family and egg (1)

FRCHF Raw chicken fillet

  RMP Raw mince pork

LAMBRU Lamb rumps

  RPHS Raw pork horseshoe

LEGCHIX Chicken legs

  RPL Raw pork loin

PKCOL Pork collar

  RROPORK Raw rind-on pork loin

PORKRIB Pork ribs

  RSLSST Sliced sandwich steak

RCTHY Chicken thigh meats 5 kg.

  RSST Sliced sandwich steak

RDISTEAK Raw diced steak

  RTOP Raw beef topside

RKID Raw kidney

  TBH Turkey butt hen

RKID Raw kidney

  TBS Turkey butt stag

RMINCE Raw mince beef

  WINGCHIX Chicken wings

COL1 Coleslaw 1 kg.

COL2 Coleslaw 2 kg.

FLS1 Florida salad 1 kg

FLS2 Florida salad 2 kg.

HOU1 Hummus 1 kg.

ITP1 Italian pasta salad 1 kg.

ITP2 Italian pasta salad 2 kg.

PTS1 Potato salad 1 kg.

PTS2 Potato salad 2 kg.

SFRS Rice salad 1 kg.

APPSAU Apple Sauce 2.5 kg

HPB HP brown sauce 4.6 kg.

NUTE Nutella hazelnut spread 750 g.

PBRSP Branston sandwich pickle 2.5 kg.

PBS Brown sauce 4 ltr.

PCBBQS BBQ sauce 1 ltr.

PCBMU Burger mustard 1 ltr.

PCBREL Burger relish 1 ltr.

PCBS Burger sauce 1 ltr.

PCBS1 Brown sauce 1 ltr.

PCCG Chili garlic sauce 1 ltr.

PCHS Hot Stuff sauce 1 ltr.

PCJS Cajun sauce 2.5 ltr.

PCM Coronation Mayo 2.5 ltr.

PCM1 Mayonnaise 1 ltr.

PCMY Yogurt and mint 1 ltr.

PCPPS Piri Piri sauce 1 ltr.

PCRAS Cranberry sauce 2.5 kg.

PCRS1 Tomato ketchup 1 ltr.

PCSC Sour cream and chives 1 ltr.

CSM Spicy mayo 1 ltr.

PCTSC Thai Sweet Chili 1 ltr.

PEML English mustard loins 2.27 ltr.

PGMA Garlic mayonnaise 1 ltr.

PJAS Jamaican sauce 2.5 kg.

PM10 Luxury mayo 10 ltr.

PM5 Luxury mayo 5 ltr.

PMFS Food service mayo 10 ltr.

PMY Mint yogurt 2.2 ltr.

PRS Red sauce 4 ltr.

PSC1 Salad cream 1 ltr.

PSCD Devon-style salad cream 4 ltr.

PSCL Lions salad cream 2.2 ltr.

PSCOC Carmalised onion chutney 2.5 kg.

PSLBR Sliced beetroot 2.2 ltr.

PSMCHUT Mango chutney 2.5 kg.

PTIMS Tikka Masala sauce 2.5 ltr.

PTM Tikka Mayo 2.5 kg.

BGTHNCH Fresh thin pork and chile 6 lbs.

BGTKAP Fresh thick pork and apple 6 lbs.

BGTKBP Fresh thick pork and black pudding 6 lbs.

BGTKC Fresh thick Cumberland 6 lbs.

BGTKL Fresh thick Lincolnshire 6 lbs.

BGTKOE Fresh thick Old English 6 lbs.

BGTKP Fresh thick pork sausage 6 lbs.

BGTKPL Fresh thick pork and leek 6 lbs.

BGTNC Fresh thin Cumberland sausage 6 lbs.

BGTNL Fresh thin Lincolnshire sausage 6 lbs.

BGTNOE Fresh thin Old English 6 lbs.

BGTNP Fresh thin pork sausage 6 lbs.

BGTNPL Fresh thin pork and leek sausage 6 lbs.

BGTNT Fresh thin tomato sausage 6 lbs.

TKC Fresh thick Cumberland kw 5 lbs.

TKG Fresh thick garlic sausage kw 5 lbs.

TKL Fresh thick Lincolnshire kw 5 lbs.

TKL Fresh thick Lincolnshire kw 5 lbs.

TKSP Fresh thick salt and pepper kw 5 lbs.

TNB Fresh thin beef kw 5 lbs.

TNP Fresh thin pork kw 5 lbs.

TNPP Fresh thin pork and pepper kw 5 lbs.

6BSTK Bar gammon steak packet 6 ozs.

8GSTK Gammon steak packet 8 ozs.

BC350P Prime back bacon 350 g.

BC350S Prime smoked back bacon 350 g.

BCBFPR BF prime bacon 2.2 kg.

BCBFS BF 2k sliced back bacon

BCBFS5 BF sliced back bacon 5 lbs.

BCBL Blue label back bacon 2.2 kg.

BCCAT Sliced catering bacon 2.2 kg.

BCCC Chefs Choice sliced back bacon

BCPM Prime Taylors sliced back 2 kg.

BCQS2 Quality sliced back bacon 2 kg.

BCQS5 Quality sliced back bacon 5 lbs.

BCRF Stirchley rib-free sliced back bacon 5 lbs.

BCSMKB Smoked sliced back bacon 5 lbs.

BCSMKSTK Smoked sliced streaky bacon 5 lbs.

BCST Stirchley super-trim bacon 2 kg.

BCSTK Sliced streaky bacon 5 lbs.

BCTA2 Taylors sliced back bacon 2 kg.

BCTA2 Taylors sliced back bacon 2 kg.

BKRE Economy sliced back bacon 5 lbs.

RGAM8OZ GAM singles 8 ozs.

SFBCB Marinated BBQ Chili beef 1 kg.

SFBR Beetroot salad 1 kg.

SFBSC Mari BBQ smoked chicken 1 kg.

SFCAJ Marinated Cajun chicken 1 kg.

SFCBM Chicken bacon mayo 1 kg.

SFCCM Coronation chicken mayo 1 kg.

SFCHSO Cheese and spring onion 1 kg.

SFCM Chicken in mayo 1 kg.

SFCT Marinated chicken Tikka 1 kg.

SFCTM Chicken Tikka mayo 1 kg.

SFEM Egg mayo 1 kg.

SFHSD Marinated Hoisin duck 1 kg.

SFITC Marinated Italian chicken 1 kg.

SFJC Marinated Jamaican Jerk chicken 1 kg.

SFLPC Lemon and pepper chicken 1 kg.

SFLPCM Lemon and pepper chicken mayo 1 kg.

SFMCC Marinated chili chicken 1 kg.

SFMCHC Marinated Chinese chicken 1 kg.

SFMHM Honey and mustard chicken 1 kg.

SFMLM Marinated minted lamb 1 kg.

SFMLS Lamb in mint sauce 1 kg.

SFMTD Marinated Tandoori chicken 1 kg.

SFMXC Marinated Mexican chicken 1 kg.

SFOVT Vegetarian Tikka 1 kg.

SFPM Prawn mayo 2 kg.

SFPPC Marinated Piri-Piri chicken 1 kg.

SFRTC Marinated Red Thai chicken 1 kg.

SFSMS Spicy meatballs in salsa 1 kg.

SFTHCM Thai chicken mayo 1 kg.

SFTM Tuna mayo 1 kg.

SFTMCP Marinated Tex-Mex chicken and peppers 1 kg.

SFTSC Tuna Sweetcon 1 kg.

1STH Sliced boiled ham 1 kg.

1STT Sliced roast turkey 1 kg.

500SNP Sliced roast pork 500 g.

500SNP Sliced roast pork 500 g.

5SCB Corned beef 500 g.

5SFH Farmhouse ham 500 g.

5SPA Pastrami 500 g.

5SRB Topside 500 g.

5STH Boiled ham 500 g.

5STT Roast Turkey 500 g.

CBST5 Natural topside 500 g.

GSGH Gold Gammon ham 500 g.

SSMKH Smoked ham 500 g.

SSMKRT Smoked roast turkey 500gm

STGH Gammon ham trays 500g

THNHAM500 Thin-sliced ham 500g

TBE Baked beans 6 lbs.

TCB Corned beef 6 lbs.

TKB Kidney beans 2.5 kg.

TLT Lunch tongue 6 lbs.

TMR Sliced mushrooms 6 lbs.

TOX Ox tongue 6 lbs.

TPLM Pork luncheon meat 4 lbs.

TPLT Plumed tomatoes 6 lbs.

TSC Sweet corn 6 lbs.

TSP Spam 4 lbs.

TTC Tuna chunks in brine 1.7 kg.

TTCT Chopped tomatoes 6 lbs.

TTCT Chopped tomatoes 6 lbs.

FTC Turkey crown full

RT Roast turkey breast

RTS Roast turkey superior

SMKT Smoked turkey breast

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